Wire Wrap D-sub Connectors

Wire wrap D-sub connectors are types of electrical connectorsthat are connected to PCBs (printed circuit boards) using wires wrapped around the connectors' wire posts. This type of connector has a D-shaped shell and is commonly used to form connections between devices in computers.

How to connect wire wrap D-sub connectors

Wire wrap D-sub connectors are mounted on your PCB by wrapping insulated wire several times around the connectors' terminals or pins. You can do this by hand or, for more accurate results, by using wire wrapping tools– small, handheld devices used to securely wrap the wire.

Benefits of using wire wrap D-sub connectors

Using wire wrap D-sub connectors can produce assemblies that are more reliable and with more resilient connections. The connections made using wire wrap D-sub connectors are less prone to fail as a result of vibration or physical stresses, and the lack of solder removes soldering faults like corrosion and cold or dry joints.

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