Solder Ring Terminals

In electrical wiring, solder ring terminals are used to connect a wire or cable to a bolt. The bolt can then be attached to another board, creating a circuit connection. They're distinct from solder tab terminals, which attach to click connectors to join two wires. Solder ring terminals allow for short-term connections between boards that can later be separated easily by simply unscrewing the bolt. You can also use them to make permanent connections between circuits.

What are solder ring terminals used for?

You can use solder ring terminals to earth electrical currents, for example when grounding light fittings. You can also use them to connect a circuit to a power supply that is accessed through another circuit. This is useful for circuits that cannot reach a power supply directly. Solder ring terminals are often employed to connect a board to an antenna in order to access a radio signal or WiFi.

Making a connection with a solder ring terminal

Connecting a wire to a solder ring terminal is simple:

  • Insert the wire into the terminal.
  • Heat the base of the terminal with a torch.
  • Feed in rosin-core solder (thin metal wire).

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