DIN Rails

DIN Rail is a length of metal rail used to mount electrical pneumatic and hydraulic components in control cabinets, enclosures, racks and panels. DIN rail comes in industry recognised profiles which ensure devices from different manufactures can be mounted on your chosen rail. RS Components offer an extensive range of high-quality DIN-Rail from leading brands including Phoenix Contact, Schneider Electric, Omron, Rittal and of course RS PRO

DIN Rail is manufactured to a specific set of standards set by Deutch Institute von Normen (DIN) This ensures devices such as power supplies, DIN Rail terminals, terminal blocks, contactors, relays, switches and circuit breakers can be sourced from many different manufacturers safe in the knowledge that all products can be mounted on the same rail

What are the different types of DIN Rail?

DIN rail comes in slotted and plain rail and various measurements and profiles. They all have their own unique specifications. Some of the most popular

TS35 to EN50022 standards

Also known as Standard Top Hat din rail. It is called this as the end shape of the rail resembles a top hat. Top-hat rail measures 35 mm wide and comes in two depths 7.5mm (standard) and 15mm (deep).

TS15 to EN50045 standards

Also known as miniature Top hat rail. Again, this rail is the same shape as a standard top hat but measures only 15 mm wide and 5.5 mm deep.


Also known as C section rail, the end profile has a C shaped cross-section. C section rail measures 32 mm wide. This type of rail is less common than the other types of rail.

TS G-type

G-shaped rails, sometimes called J-type are named after the shape of their profile. Typically, this rail measures 32 mm on its longest side and 8mm and 15 mm in height on the G or J part.

How do you install DIN-Rail?

Once you have decided on the type and profile of your rail you are now ready to install it. The rail would be cut to the desired length and fixed inside an industrial control panel, enclosure or rack with either a DIN Rail mounting bracket or directly screwed onto a chassis plate with appropriate fasteners and fixings.

Browse our range of Din Rail today, and for a more in-depth overview see our DIN Rail Guide

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