Terminal Block Markers

Terminal block markers are industrial labeling applications used for electrical panel identification of terminal blocks.

What are terminal block markers used for?

Terminal block markers are mainly used for labelling terminal blocks for easy identification. They provide an organised way of identifying types of terminal blocks and connections in complex wiring applications. They're commonly found in industrial control panels.

Most terminal block markers are made by thermal print systems and are specially designed to withstand the sort of conditions you'd find in industrial control panels and circuit boxes.

Types of terminal block markers

Terminal block markers are available in different sizes and can be selected based on the number of characters you'll need on the labels.

While some terminal block markers can be customised, they usually reflect industrial marking systems compatible with a broad range of different suppliers and manufactures of terminal blocks. They're typically designed to snap onto the terminal block in the position designated for marking by the manufacturer.

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Terminal Strip Marker CLIPFIX 35, E/NS 35 N, End Clamp E/UK
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Label Thermofox
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Label Thermofox
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Insert Strip Terminal Block Marking
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Label Thermofox
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N° de stock RS 137-2279
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Label Thermofox
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Marker Strip Terminal Block