Coaxial Connector Accessories

What are Coaxial Connector Accessories?
Coaxial connector accessories are parts and additional hardware pairs with a range of coaxial connectors to support, protect and even enable ease of use. A Coaxial Connector is a single-piece component allowing the connection of two different pieces of equipment that cannot be joined directly.

Coaxial connectors provide a convenient method of connecting RF equipment together. Using our range of connector accessories can ensure that your connection is robust and reliable for longer periods of time, especially in high use applications where connections may be plugged and unplugged regularly.

RS components offer an array of accessories that will aid you with all coaxial connector needs from dust caps to strain relief cable guides and boots RS has you covered.

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Description Prix Series Finish Cord Included Connector Type Material Gender Accessory Type For Use With
N° de stock RS 885-8444
Référence fabricant25-7958BK
0,291 €
Each (In a Pack of 100)
- - - - - - BNC Boot Coaxial Connector, RG-141 Cable, RG-58 Cable
N° de stock RS 885-8100
Référence fabricant25-B58
0,106 €
Each (In a Pack of 500)
25 - - - - - Strain relief boot RG-141, RG-58
N° de stock RS 885-8894
Référence fabricant25-7959BK
0,291 €
Each (In a Pack of 100)
- - - - - - BNC Boot Coaxial Connector, RG-59 Cable, RG-62 Cable
N° de stock RS 885-8103
Référence fabricant25-B58TN
0,189 €
Each (In a Pack of 100)
25 - - - - - Strain releief boot -
N° de stock RS 885-8090
Référence fabricant25-7960BK
0,126 €
Each (In a Pack of 100)
25 - - - - - BNC plug connector -