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    Lighting Connector Accessories

    Lighting Connector Accessories are an essential part of connecting Lighting Systems to provide a reliable, power transmission and data control measure. They are an integrated engineering design solution making the Lighting Connectors protected and simple in installation.

    Whenever you are looking to connect or protect your Lighting Systems, those accessories do not require any sophisticated tools, meaning completion of your lighting application project is within reach of anyone.

    There are many types of accessories we can offer, including our own branded RS PRO like Grommet Reducer or Connector to Closure Cap for use with a Waterproof Connector.

    An accessory usage will depend on the type of Lighting Connectors and their purpose to generate satisfactory electrical control system, regardless of whether your project is for the domestic, commercial or strictly industrial environment. These Lighting Accessories present a safe and efficient way to create tool-less unit systems. When the size and easy interconnection are prime requirements, Mini HVL Cable Series will do the job correctly, although there is much more to explore.

    What sort of accessories do we offer and what is their primary purpose?

    • Banana Plug is providing sufficient spring tension assuring exceptional holding power and minimum contact resistance.
    • Cable Ring Nut is an accessory in use with the Nector M series for Lighting Connectors.
    • Cable Seal is an answer to any connector retention issues you might come across.
    • Cable Assembly (Male/Mini HVL) free and terminated with ferrules, ideal for household furniture or mountable Lighting.
    • Terminal Blocks to terminate a single wire (single pole)
    • Closure Cap is the essential Micro Connector Accessory, providing waterproof circular.
    • Distributor Cover has its place in the Lighting Industry Applications like a shop or display cabinets.
    • Grommet Reducer Insert is an accessory for use with Waterproof Connectors.
    • Hood is an accessory for the GST18 Connector system coming in 1 to 3 or 1 to 5-way distribution blocks.
    • IP Boot is a solution for Lighting Applications where size and easy interconnection matters.
    • Locking accessory fits perfectly with Nector M series of Lighting Connector Contacts.
    • Socket Contact is a solution for use with the Nector M series of Lighting Connector Plugs and Receptacles.

    Our extensive range of Lighting Accessories is giving you the advantage to create a professional Cable Connections in electrical installations.

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