RJ Kits

RJ (registered jack) kits are sets of tools used to adapt, build or complete registered jack connections. These are a type of standardised connection used in telecommunications.

What can RJ kits be used for?

RJ kits are used for a range of different purposes depending on the tools included. Cutters and strippers are used to alter the wires so they can be connected, while crimping tools are used to crimp the contact to the connector. This creates a reliable connection that can be used for data transmission.

Types of RJ kits

Registered jack kits differ depending on the purpose they are designed to fulfil. They will include different tools, according to whether they are used to terminate the cables, design the connection or assist with installation of the connections. For example they might include modular plugs, different types of blades, or mounting accessories. More advanced kits may also include testers, punches and dies, and are often used by professional technicians.

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