Ethernet Couplers

Ethernet couplers are devices used to connect ethernet cable connections from one type to another. There can be various reasons to use a coupler such as to extend network cabling, split a signal allowing for two cables to be connected to a single port or to allow for different network cable types to be connected.

Types of Ethernet Couplers

Mainly differing in how many ports they have. Couplers may have between one and six ports, allowing them to connect up to six cables at one time. They can also differ in their wiring configuration and there are many different types of couplers, from in-line connectors to junction boxes, depending on what you need to convert between.

They can be found in both shielded or unshielded forms and feature the standardized snap-in system to ensure that a reliable connection is made and kept. Couplers can be used with almost any cable types including Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6a, Cat7 and many more. Always ensure to check both connector A and connector B when buying an ethernet coupler to ensure you can make the exact connections you need and in the correct orientation when using a coupler to split a line. 

How does an ethernet coupler work?

Inline couplers typically feature two female connection sockets allowing for two male cables to join. These back to back female connectors simply line up allowing for the 8 cores of wire within the cable to almost seamlessly meet in the middle. 

Ethernet splitters work under a similar principle to inline however splitters typically have two or more female sockets on a single side of the coupler with a single connector B that is often a male plug. This single male plug enters the couplers housing and is then fed across all of the female sockets. This then allows for the signal to be split across the sockets to all cables connected. 

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Coupler RJ45 Female Cat5e 1 Shielded Straight Through 25mm 23.5mm 47mm - - - 30 -
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RJ-31X Surface Jack Adapter RJ31X Female - 1 - Straight Through - - - - - - 32 -
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Coupler RJ45 Female Cat5e 1 Unshielded Straight Through 21.3mm 19mm 39.8mm - - - 30 -