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    Mains Connector Accessories

    Mains connector accessories are parts used in the installation and operation of mains connectors. Examples of mains connector accessories include plugs, clamps, sealing caps, boots, cable modules and wall plates.

    What are mains connector accessories used for?

    Mains connector accessories are used in all types of industries where a mains power source is connected via cable to a piece of machinery, equipment or any appliance that requires electrical power to function.

    Types of mains connector accessories

    Typical mains connector accessories include:

    • Cable modules, which are used with heavy power connectors in the construction industry
    • Housings that are used to enclose and provide splash protection for single socket connections in high moisture environments
    • Sealing boots, which provide all-weather protection for connectors in industrial applications
    • Sealing caps to seal male and female sockets with a latch mechanism
    • Wall plates and plugs that provide bases for the connections between connectors and devices
    • Power modules or distribution units, mainly used in network enclosures or large server networks
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