Circular Connector Dust Caps

Circular connector dust caps are to provide environmental protection for circular connectors in both threaded and bayonet versions. Originally designed to meet military standards, they are used with rugged connectors in harsh environments.

What are circular connector dust caps used for?

Circular connector dust caps protect and plug connectors and other wire harness components from physical damage. The cap works as a seal against particles, moisture and other possible contaminants.

Types of circular connector dust caps

  • Fibre dust caps

    and dust caps with metal chains prevent unwanted foreign bodies and dirt getting into fibres and wires.
  • Connector dust caps with chains

    are threaded onto connector adapters to provide mechanical and environmental protection. The stainless steel material is suitable for use in harsh conditions.
  • Port dust caps

    are threaded onto connector adapters to provide protection from outside elements such as harsh weather conditions.
  • TPE caps

    are made from a flexible TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material that is both durable and solid.

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