Inkjet Printers

An inkjet printer can serve your home, business or office to suit your needs as many of them feature ’all-in-one or multifunction’ features such as copying, printing, scanning or faxing. Inkjet printing technology has become more accessible to the normal consumer as the prices continue to become more affordable.
A typical inkjet printer is small and lightweight making them effective portable devices. Most inkjet printers are plug and play, meaning they are easy to set up and ready for immediate use. The replacement of toners is not complicated, with many featuring snap in place cartridges. For hassle free installation, many come with WiFi connectivity as standard, allowing you to connect to your smart devices. Many devices feature easy to use touch screens allowing further interconnectivity and control over your device.

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USB 32ppm 15ppm EcoTank ET-M1120 1440 x 720dpi