Cat6a Cable

Cat 6a cables or Category 6a cables are an high speed type of ethernet cable or patch cable as they're also known. They are used as a commonly within various types of industries and workplaces, including offices and warehouses requiring a network. Anywhere which has an internet connection, it's almost a guarantee you'll find one of these network cables.Who would use Cat6a?Various industries use these cables, but they are also used within the home. After installation, some common applications include: Computers and Laptops Televisions Wifi access points Network enabled appliances TelephonesThere are various types of shielded and unshielded versions of these cables, including, but not limited to: F/UTP S/FTP U/FTP Tinned Copper braid Bare copperWhat kind of cable connector is used?RJ-45 is the standard connector used with a Cat6a cable assembly. RJ45 is the universal connector used with 99% of network devices. Other connectors may be installed onto a Cat6a cable, but if you're selecting a pre-wired cat6a cable, then more often than not, RJ45 is the connector that would be used.What is a Cat6a cable used for?Cat6a ethernet cables are used as data cables, directly linking a router or a modem to the device accessing the ethernet. Cat6a is a great choice for large spaces which may not be able to connect to the ethernet within a short distance.What is the difference between Cat6a and Cat6?The main difference between a Cat6a cable and a Cat6 cable would be the amount of bandwidth frequency they can support. Cat 6a can support double the amount of a Cat 6 around 500 MHz. After installation, Cat6a will also perform at 10 gigabits at 100 m, which is actually over the allocated length for a Cat6 cable (37 m). If choosing between the two, Cat6a is the more logical choice, especially for applications which may require networks at further distances apart.What about safety?As a standard, every Cat6a cable is listed as at least LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen). Meaning these cables will emit a very little amount of smoke and no halogen if exposed to a high heat source. Although you should always check the kind of shielded version you need, especially in a high heat environment.

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