Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Coaxial cable assemblies are groups of cables or wires arranged into single-cable units. The term coaxial comes from the inner conductor and the outer shield that share a geometric axis. A coaxial cable is an electrical cable with a conductor on the inside that is surrounded by an insulating layer. In turn, the insulating layer is surrounded by a tubular conducting shield.

A coaxial cable assembly is often covered in a sleeve that provides protection to the whole assembly. Coaxial cable assemblies are standard or customised. They also vary by shield type, insulation type, connector type and length measurements.

What are coaxial cable assemblies used for?

Cable cable assemblies are often used to transmit power or informational signals. They provide the power of several individual cables and organise them into an easy-to-install package. Using coaxial cable assemblies ensures that replacement and maintenance activities are easy to accomplish.

The benefits of coaxial cable assemblies

  • High bandwidth that allows easy transmission of a multitude of information signals, including data, voice and video signals.
  • Low interference that improves performance power for maximum speed and quality of transmitted signals.

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