Audio Video Combined Cable

An audio video combined cable is an electrical connector that carries an audio signal and a video signal at the same time. There are typically three cables, and each of the these carries a specific signal from the transmitting device to the receiving device. Typically, two wires carry stereo sound information and a third carries video data.

How does an audio video combined cable work?

Typically cables have a standard plug on each end, consisting of a central male connector, surrounded by a ring (RCA connector). The ring is then split into different segments to provide grip when connected to a socket (female jack) with a central hole and a ring of metal surrounding it. Connections are then made by pushing the cable's plug into the female jack on the device.

What is an audio video combined cable used for?

An audio video combined cable is widely used to connect devices like VCRs and DVD players to TV sets or CD players to stereo receivers.

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