Speciality Size Rechargeable Batteries

Specialty size rechargeable batteries are designed to keep devices running for longer periods of time to provide power that is consistent and long-lasting.

Uses of specialty size rechargeable batteries

Specialty size rechargeable batteries are ideal for using in high-powered devices and appliances that require sustained long-term use to work effectively. They are used in items like glucose monitors, watches, remote controls and other small devices that require a compact, long-life battery that can also be regularly recharged for recurring use.

Types of special size rechargeable batteries

Lithium chloride

Lithium chloride batteries operate at low current levels with an extremely low self-discharge (less than 1% per year). This means that the battery's internal chemical reactions maintain the stored charge of the battery without any connection between the electrodes, meaning they are particularly long-lasting.

Alkaline N

Alkaline rechargeable batteries have an electrical contact on each end. The positive end has a nub on the top that creates power for appliances such as bike lights and small torches.

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