Current Transducers

Current transducers, or current sensors, are an electrical component that detects electric current in a wire and converts it into another type of electrical signal proportional to the current value. The generated signal could be analogue voltage, current or a digital output. This generated signal can be then used to display the measured current in an ammeter, or can be used for the purpose of controlling other circuits.

Current Transducer Types

Current sensors can be either open-loop or closed-loop.
•Open-Loop Sensor: This type measures AC and DC currents and provides electrical isolation between the circuit being measured and the output of the sensor. Open-loop current sensors are generally preferred in battery-powered circuits.

•Closed-Loop Sensor: The Closed-Loop sensor is sometimes called a ’Zero-Flux’ sensor because it features a Hall-Effect sensor that feeds back an opposing current into a secondary coil, wound on the magnetic core to zero the flux produced in the magnetic core by the primary current. Closed-loop sensors are often used when high accuracy is essential.

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