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    Sounder Beacons

    Sounder beacons are dual function warning devices. They integrate a beacon lamp and an audible sounder to form an audio and visual alarm.

    How do Sounder Beacons work?

    Sounder beacons come with different tones incorporating high frequencies, low frequencies and industry-standard frequency patterns. They have different lens colours to give an enhanced warning signal, for example, red lens to alert to fires for a fire alarm, that can be synchronised with the sound output tone. Some sounders are equipped with volume control and tuneable features and are available in a wide range of supply voltages. An isolator switch turns the device on and off.

    Beacons may be constructed with LEDs or halogen bulbs similar to those used in xenon flashtubes or LED floodlights. The sounder devices have low current consumption and can have a deep base for surface wiring or a shallow base for a more compact design so are suitable for any installation.

    What are sounder beacons used for?

    Sounder beacons are often used as emergency signalling such as an addressable fire alarm system. Sounder beacons can also be used for communication, such as the status of an airport, by the rotational pattern, strobe or colour of the beacon. Weatherproof and flame retardant options mean these sounders are suitable for all conventional alarm applications such as fire alarm sounders, school bells, and various detector signalling.

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