Acrylic Sealants

Acrylic sealants are a type of filler or sealant made from acrylic polymers. This type of sealant is also known as decorators acrylic, decorators caulk or painters caulk. It normally comes in the form of a thick liquid or paste.What are acrylic sealants used for?Acrylic sealants are typically used within construction, home improvement, decorating and DIY. They are more suited to internal use within buildings. Typical applications include: Sealing gaps between floors and ceilings, dry linings and insulation boards Joints in internal ductwork Caulking Embedding Grouting JoiningBenefits of using acrylic sealants:Acrylic sealants are a relatively cheap sealant to use internally within a building. This type of sealant offers an excellent level of adhesion to most building materials. It has a degree of flexibility, but needs time to set properly. One of the key advantages that acrylic sealant has over silicone alternatives is most can be painted on or over. For some variants, you can paint them in as little as an hour after using the sealant. Some acrylic sealants also offer flame resistance and fungicides to prevent mould growth.

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Référence fabricantLoctite 5188 50ml
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Sealing Red Paste Cartridge 50 ml +150°C -50°C -50 → +150 °C