Hot Melt Glue Gun Nozzles

Hot melt glue gun nozzles are used for the spreading of molten adhesives onto surfaces, products and other materials. The nozzle holes come in different configurations for either precise application or to spread adhesive over wider areas.

What are hot melt glue gun nozzles used for?

Hot melt glue gun nozzles are used in industries where molten adhesives are required. These include packaging, labelling, automotive assembly, furniture production and component assembly.

Types of hot melt glue gun nozzles

The main types of hot melt glue gun nozzles are:

  • Two-, three- and five-hole glue gun nozzles help to dispense hot melt glue over large areas.
  • Extension glue gun nozzles lengthen application range in areas that are difficult to reach.
  • High volume nozzles enable high volume flow of high viscosity glues.
  • L-type and T-type glue gun nozzles are used to apply a wide spread of glue.
  • Precision glue gun nozzles have needlepoint, flat tip and fine point variants for accurate application.
  • Spray gun nozzles work with spray glue guns for extra large areas of application.
  • Spreader glue gun nozzles have wide openings and expel large amounts of adhesive.

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Long Nozzle, Pallet Nozzle, Standard Nozzle Glue gun BGX300; Glue gun CG270; Glue gun EG250; Glue gun EG280; Glue gun EG310; Glue gun EG330 12 mm, 20 mm 1.8 mm, 3 mm, 6 mm Metal
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