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    Dispensing Bottles

    A dispensing bottle is a type of container that dispenses fluid.  Dispensing bottles can come in a variety of materials depending on the desired use, typically made from plastic.Plastic dispensing bottles allow for fluid to be released by manually squeezing the main body and are designed to contain viscous fluids such as sauces, detergents, liquids, oils and adhesives. Squeeze bottles can be used in the home, workplace, laboratories, factories, hospitals and many more. Glass dispensing bottles are resistant to high temperatures and chemicals and can be designed to dispense aggressive chemicals. The bottles are often translucent to ensure easy viewing of the contents, sometimes with a visible ml measurement scale, and can have different caps and nozzles.

    Different types of dispensers include:

    Triggers – These types of dispensers come in a bottle like form with a trigger action nozzle on the top of it. You use the trigger to disperse chemicals quickly and to a wide surface area. Perfect for hard to reach places.One touch – Typically a pump or squeeze action is used for these devices hence the name "one touch". You will fill it normally like any other dispenser and then use.i

    How do dispensing bottles work?

    You fill up the device which is usually a bottle with a desired liquid such as water, soaps or cleaning chemicals. For a pump dispenser, you then secure the top spray or nozzle and use a pump action or trigger to release the spray to a desired effect. Plastic bottles can also be manually squeezed depending on the application.

    Where might I use one?

    • In your home - kitchen, bathroom, living roomsFor a cleaning businessRestaurantsJanitorial
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