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    Stair Ladders

    Stair ladders, also known as combination ladders, are a versatile type of ladder commonly used on staircases. Stair ladders are typically an A-frame ladder and some have extension pieces to increase their height. They are used to access hard to reach areas where the floor may be across different levels and heights.

    A combination ladder is the most versatile stir ladder available and is ideal when you need a free-standing folding ladder for extended height but don't have a wall for support. It folds down to a similar size of a step ladder but is much more adaptable for a variety of tasks. The combination ladder, or combi ladder, is the choice of professionals where they need to work from stairs or uneven ground on a daily basis.

    How do stair ladders work?

    Stair ladders are an adjustable A-frame ladder. This means that there are two sets of feet which are able to sit on separate steps, at different heights. This makes the stair ladder ideal for wallpapering, fixing lights or fitting alarms.

    Types of stair ladder:

    There are a wide range stair ladders for every job, a 3 way, 4 way and even a 12 way multi-purpose ladder, depending on the configuration and height required. A four way combination ladder consists of three ladder sections that can be arranged into many different configurations to give a step ladder, an extension ladder, a step ladder positioned with astride steps, a leaning ladder or a platform configuration.

    What are stair ladders made from?

    When choosing a combination ladder it's important to look at the material as well as safety and durability required.

    • Aluminium combination ladders are favoured among homeowners for their reasonable price and lightweight properties. Combination ladders are made from aluminium that is endurance tested, the ladders are durable, highly portable and the combination platform ladders are the top choice for working in stairways.
    • Fibreglass combination ladders are as light as aluminium ladders but far stronger and more durable for everyday use making them perfect for decorators and tradesmen. These ladders are non-conductive so are safe around electrical items and can be used in wet slippery conditions, making them ideal equipment for the workplace.
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