Checker Plates

Aluminium Checker plates is the name given to sheet metal that has raised marks on it (the reverse side of the plate has no texture at all,) the pattern is raised embossed about 1.5mm, these patterns can be diamond shaped, tear shaped or completely embossedAluminium Checker plates can also be known as chequered plates, tread plates or durbar floor plates. Normally made from aluminium but they can also be made from steel and stainless steel. Strong and durable, aluminium checker plates are ideally suited for use in areas subject to frequent footfall or heavy wheeled traffic e.g. service corridors, loading areas and car parks. The embossed check pattern conceals the effects of any surface damage caused by constant heavy traffic and is suitable for both interior and exterior environments.Benefits of Aluminium chequered platesAluminium checker plates have good forming, drilling and welding ability making the plates easy to fabricate. The raised diamond pattern provides good slip resistance. It has great load and impact resistance making it very versatile. The plates are easy to clean as dirt can be brushed or wiped off them and stains can be removed easilyAluminium checker plates are very durable and have many uses Walkways Flooring Corner guards Trailer flooring Door guards Kick plates Step protectors RampsApplications Construction Transport Schools Factories Shops Warehouses Restaurants

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